Data Analytics for Search and Social Media

Analysing data genered by campaigns from Social Media, Lead Generation SEO, PPC, and other techniques is the by product of all the work  you have put into your digital marketing efforts.   Review of the data can ensure that you are able to drill down and focus on those efforts which are working for your business.

Social Media Data Analytics

We uncover opportunities for your business through qualitative and quantitative data analysis.  We keep close watch on KPIs, ROI and recommend adjustments to your campaigns as necessary.  Monthly and weekly reporting and analysis form part of our services.

Behind all our your business and social media, SEO, PPC, lead generation and optimisation strategies is the generation of data which we then analysie to review how your campaigns are performing.  Analysis of social media, advertising, engagement campaigns is key in understanding the success of your campaigns.     We check your data on a weekly basis and our analysis includes reviews of popular contents, posts, engagement rates, conversions, referring traffic sources, click through rates, goal and conversion rates, traffic from social media amongst a range of other metrics.

By analysing SEO, PPC, Lead Generation and Social Media data, we can identify trends, assess what is working and focus on areas which need improvement.

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We offer a number of service plans from starter to fully developed.  Contact us to find out more.


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